SolderX Solderless EZ-Connect Quick-Install Loaded Pickguard Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Pickups, White on Black 3-Ply

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Here’s one for the folks that do not like or want to solder. SolderX designed this pickguard with ease of installation in mind. Don’t own a soldering iron? Rather not take a chance with a soldering iron? No problem. All you need to install this guard is a tiny little straight blade screw drive to open the spring loaded wiring connections with and a Phillips head driver to screw it back down to your guitar.

This item is a SolderX brand loaded pickguard, hand built with tender loving care, featuring some of the greatest pickups known to man. SolderX is a new company powered by 30 years of guitar industry knowledge.

Key Features

  • Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Pickups
  • PCB based wiring harness
  • Push/Pull pots
  • CRL 5-way Switch
  • PureTone Output Jack
  • Orange Drop Capacitor
  • Plastics by WD Music or AxLabs
  • Gavitt Cloth Jacketed Wire (Red+ / Black-)

The Bells and Whistles

Our 5-way switch works like every other Strat®, but the push/pull pots add an extra dimension of versatility. So, the Volume control push/pulls to activates a subtle bright switch when pulled up. Also, the Middle tone push/pulls to split the bridge and neck pickups when pulled up, while the rear tone push/pull turns on the neck pickup when pulled up, allowing you to combine it with the bridge pickup as well as the bridge and middle pickups, depending on where you set the 5-way switch.

The bottom tone knob controls the tone of the bridge pickup, while the middle tone knob controls the tone of the middle and neck pickups.

Don’t Forget

This loaded pickguard should be grounded to your guitar by utilizing the bridge ground and body ground wires that should be on your Strat® from the factory. If you’re building a new guitar from scratch then you will have to source some 22 gauge ground wire.

This style of pickguard is available in other colors and with other pickups. Message me for custom options.

Thanks for looking!

Jimmy @ SolderX

Product Specs

BrandSolder X
ConditionBrand New (New)

New items are sold by an authorized dealer or original builder and include all original packaging.
  • 10-23-10-12
  • White on Black
  • 2024
Made In
  • United States

Additional information

Weight.86 kg
Dimensions34 × 25 × 9 cm

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